PINT Wallet releases “WIPE” — Anti-theft functionality

A considerable majority of the cryptocurrency traders and investors across the world use mobile wallets. A big security risk with such users is the loss or theft of the mobile phone. To deal with this risk and empower the wallet users to deal with such an eventuality, the PINT Wallet in its latest release (Version 1.0.18) has introduced an anti-theft functionality called WIPE. Before someone can access the users’ funds in such a situation, the user needs to act fast. With this new functionality the user can secure his/her funds with just one click action. Below is the summary of how the WIPE functionality works:

1. Users can wipe the older wallet installations with the same back-up phrase.

2. In case of loss or theft of mobile phone with the PINT wallet, user needs to install PINT on the new mobile phone, restore the wallet with the back-up phrase and use the WIPE functionality (under Security tab)

3.This action disables old installations at OS level and delete everything including logs, caches and any external files in the system related to pint

4. The functionality works from the latest installed application and will wipe out all the instances of all previous installs

5. Currently the functionality will work for android to android handsets

The functionality is network proof, a malicious user with the users’ old wallet installation cannot bypass wipe, even if he simulates fake PINT server network conditions. It is also code manipulation proof, even if a malicious user somehow changes PINT application logic by de-compiling application and recompiling it with unwanted code, he can’t bypass wipe.

Bitfia Labs the Singapore based company behind PINT wallet, is soon launching PintP2P — the Peer to Peer marketplace as a service on the PINT wallet platform.

Originally published on our Medium based account on 9th July,2018.

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