Post Alpha Release Updates!

After a tremendously positive response on Alpha PINT App, Beta development kept us on our toes.

What have we been up to post the Alpha Release?

  • Our core developers worked on each feedback received during Alpha Launch campaign and our users are happy with how things look now.
  • We are at the verge of Beta Launch.
  • Worked to enhance our PINT App security and got in touch with reputed organizations to put PINT security through certified security tests. Our team confidence is sky rocketing with a positive go ahead on security standards from reputed organizations.
  • Leadership and developers brainstormed over the need of a PINT Peer to Peer Marketplace and PINT Peer to Peer marketplace reached the first stage of development.
  • The successful PINT Alpha launch kept us too busy with Venture Capitalists and Agile Investors. We have a huge announcement coming ahead.

Stay Tuned!

Originally published on Medium platform on 13th April,2018

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