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PINT Wallet Service is discontinued.



We came to know someone using BITFIA.ORG to run some MLM schemes.

We have nothing to do with We will take appropriate action against them to stop using our name.

Multicurrency Wallet & P2P Marketplace

Highly intuitive Multi Asset, HD Cryptocurrency Wallet Application & P2P Marketplace Platform PINT gives you a simple start to virtual currency use. A single cryptocurrency wallet application which lets you receive, store, spend, swap, buy and sell your blockchain assets like Bitcoin BTC, Altcoins - Bitcoin Cash BCH, Ether ETH, Litecoin LTC, Dash DASH and Dogecoin DOGE and ERC20 token – 0x ZRX, OmiseGo OMG, Golem GNT, and PowerLedger POWR. More blockchain assets and tokens shall be added continuously. Buying and Selling in P2P Exchange is provided for Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH.

PINT is Simple, Fast & Economical

Do Crypto terminologies scare you? Don't worry. Our engineers have designed PINT just for you. A decentralized ecosystem, PINT is easy to use, fast and with lowest fees. No hidden costs!

PINT Solutions to Crypto Challenges

Intuitive, simple & secure crypto wallet and marketplace

Instant, fast & automated account set up

Private key stays with wallet user

Availability of multiple payment modes

Transactions secured with AES256 encryption

Non-custodial wallet to wallet trading

Transparent escrow on the blockchain

In-wallet Swap of your crypto assets

Encrypted in-trade chat for Buyer and Seller

Available for Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH

PINT Wallet Features & Benefits

Safe & Secure

You have full control of your digital asset wallet and peer to peer marketplace platform. Any confidential details like your private keys are not stored by us. PINT Wallet comes with impregnable security and self controlled data protection.

Quick Set-up

No account set-up information is required for the wallet initial use and you can register for crypto trading in minutes on p2p Marketplace platform. You can remain anonymous to the world when you use wallet functionality.

PINT wallet encrypted chat

PINT is a SegWit Wallet

We have introduced support for SegWit address in our digital asset management wallet PINT & Peer to Peer Marketplace platform PINT, considering both the block space savings and safety concerns. Thus enabling speedier transactions and reduced network fee for Bitcoin transactions.

Crypto News Application within your wallet

Remain updated with all the current news happening around the world of blockchain assets and cryptocurrency exchange and crypto trading from within your wallet.

Multi Currency Swap

Why be limited to a single currency? PINT crypto wallet lets you swap between different blockchain assets. PINT SWAP is powered by Changelly, ShapeShift and CoinSwitch. You can choose the provider yourself.

Transfer currencies from Cold Wallets

We understand that you keep your blockchain digital assets in Hardware wallets or Paper Wallet. PINT cryptocurrency trading wallet gives you simple and quick steps to extract those directly into it.

Goodbye accidental losses & thefts

If you lost the device with your PINT digital asset wallet, just stay calm. Download PINT in another phone and restore your wallet with the restore option available for the backup. Don't forget to wipe out PINT App from the lost or stolen device using PINT's unique anti-theft security feature.

Keep Earning Rewards

PINT wallet Rewards is an amazing way to earn more. Inviting your friends or registering in the Marketplace or undertaking successful trades. You can keep earning Loyalty Points - which can be converted to Cryptobacks! Earn commission and PLP on every referral.

On Chain Escrow

PINT P2P Marketplace uses On-blockchain escrow built by Bitfia to ensure the trade between buyer and seller is completed smoothly. Buyer and seller can transparently see and monitor the escrow account from the trade screen.

Encrypted chat

PINT Cryptocurrency wallet comes with the functionality of encrypted chat between the seller and buyer during the trade to exchange confidential information such as deposit details.

No accidental losses & thefts in PINT

PintPAY - the Payment Gateway

Users can make payment using PintPAY functionality in both crypto or fiat currency of choice. PintPAY is suited for both online and offline merchants. This functionality is being launched soon.

Collateral Management & Lending

You can collateralize your assets and borrow against them in your own currency from the Lenders listed in the Marketplace. Without any 3rd party interference. This functionality is being launched soon.

Peer to Peer Marketplace Platform

Decentralized P2P Marketplace

User owns his blockchain digital assets till the deal is confirmed. Quick, Safe and Easy. PINT allows non-custodial trades between buyer and seller.

Immediate Crypto Exchange

Quick payment enables immediate transfer of digital assets like BTC or ETH directly in your wallet. No withdrawal limits or high charges!

Transparent On-Chain Escrow

PINT uses the escrow created on the blockchain for the trade. You can see the status of your assets transfer transparently from the Trade Screen.

Encrypted Chat

Buyer and Seller enter into end to end encrypted chat to conclude the trade.

Private Keys

We don’t keep your assets in a centralized wallet like others. You trade directly from your wallet whose private keys are always with you. You are in complete control of your trade.

Multicurrency Marketplace

Buy or Sell as per your choice and convenience. Completely decentralized buying selling directly from your own private wallet. Currently available for BTC & ETH.

Low Fees

Buying and Selling is free. Only advertisers pay. No charges for deposits or withdrawal.

Control your price

Select the margin you want above the cryptocurrency market value in your Advertisement. Or you can choose a fixed price.

Transaction Limit

Set a max/min limit on how much BTC/ETH you wish to sell.

24x7 Customer Support

Immediate resolution, max 12 hours. Disputed cases handled through a Standard Operating Process shared on the App. Disputes related to trades are handled using unique triparty encrypted chat module built inside the App.

Multiple Payments Options

Choose from multiple payment options to pay to the seller such as Bank Transfer or Mobile Wallet or any other option.

Quick On boarding

Email, Telephone Number and Identity Docs are verified in a short interval of time.


PINT will not be available for downloads and trades in Singapore with effect from 28th July 2020.

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