Meet PINT the multi-asset HD wallet

PINT- a highly intuitive wallet that gives you a simple start to virtual currency use. A single wallet application lets you receive, store, spend and swap virtual currency in a fiercely secure and anonymous way.

PINT is simple. PINT is interactive

Do Crypto terminologies scare you? Our love for crypto drove our engineering skills to design PINT – decentralized and secure HD wallet.

PINT solutions to Crypto Challenges

Intuitive and simple

Instant account set up

100% anonymous and private

Instant Wallet set up

Loss protection with 12 word backup phrase

In-wallet Currency swap

PINT Features & Services

Safe & Secure

After developing the most secure HD wallet, we handed over the control to you. We will not store any details like your private keys or identifiers. Wallet comes with impregnable security and self controlled data protection.

We are quick

No account set-up information is required. With PINT wallet you get an account instantly that remains invisible to the world. All you experience is an instant send, receive, and swap. We don’t track any transactions.

Control your own keys

PINT needs no complex passwords. Set up a Backup phrase, write it down on a paper and keep it secure. All this needs to be done just once.

Goodbye accidental losses

Remember the 12 word backup phrase you wrote on the paper. If you lost the device holding your PINT wallet, you do not need to come to us as you are the only one who has the key. Use the 12 word backup phrase to restore all your assets in a highly-secure manner.

Multicurrency Swap

Why be limited to a single currency? PINT lets you swap between 6 Blockchains (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DOGE and Dash) and 4 ERC20 Tokens( Golem, 0X, Omisego and Power Ledger) with more being added soon as per community feedback. The Exchange between the currencies and tokens is powered by Shapeshift integration.

Transfer currencies from Cold Wallets

We understand that you keep your assets in Hardware wallets or Paper Wallet. PINT gives you simple and quick steps to extract those directly into it.


Decentralized P2P Marketplace

User owns his assets till the deal is confirmed. Quick, Safe and Easy.

Immediate Exchange

Quick payment enables immediate transfer of assets directly in your wallet. No limits for deposits or withdraw.

Light KYC

Email, Telephone Number and Identity Docs are verified quickly.

24x7 Customer Support

Immediate resolution, max 6 hours.

Private Keys

We don’t keep your assets in web wallet like others. You control your assets with private keys being with you always.

Multicurrency Marketplace

6 Blockchains and multiple ERC tokens. Buy or Sell as per your choice and convenience.

Low Fees

Buying and Selling is free. Only advertiser pays.

Currency Selection

Pick and choose from the drop down currency list you wish to transact in.

Multiple Payments Options

Customized payment options for different countries. Many Options.

Encrypted Chat

Buyer and Seller enter into end to end encrypted chat

Control your price

Select the margin you want above the cryptocurrency market value.

Transaction Limit

Set a max/min limit on how many units of cryptocurrency units you wish to sell.

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Adding More to PINT Platform

Pint Escrow

A Collateral Management solution for your crypto assets, Helping in safe private lending in local currency againsts your crypto assests.

PintPAY - the Payment Gateway option

A multi payment service to be launched in future. You can pay in local currency using PintPay.

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