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PINT Wallet Service is discontinued.

The decentralized ecosystem of PINT Wallet & P2P Marketplace has discontinued its services since 30th June 2023. We at Bitfia are sad to announce that we have to discontinue the decentralized ecosystem of PINT Wallet & P2P Marketplace. Since 2018, our wallet has helped users in various countries to securely manage their digital assets with best in class user interface and utilities. In 2019, our decentralized Peer to Peer marketplace on top of PINT Wallet had given our user community an innovative and secure platform to do onchain exchange using fiat currency. We developed and innovated for an amazing dedicated user base of PINT wallet. We sincerely thank them for their support until now. Like any startup, we also needed fund infusions to take our DeFi journey to next level but we were unsuccessful in raising funds for Bitfia. Our journey of 5 years was filled with challenges and excitement. We have seen market turmoils, meltdowns, and top known companies fleeing the market, scams and crashes. We also have seen mature evolution of multiple amazing blockchains (both Layer 1 and 2), DeFi, NFT and now we are seeing the march towards Web3. Migrating your non-custodial PINT wallet to a different compatible wallet is simple. You do not need to send your digital assets out – all you need to do is input your PINT’s 12- word backup phrase into a decentralized wallet platform which you trust and manage your digital assets from there. In fact, after we shut down PINT servers on June 30th, 2023, using your backup phrase with another wallet will be the only way to migrate your digital assets. We wish you all the best for your journey in the space. If you face any problem, please write to

Best wishes!
Bitfia Labs Teams